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TCM Power Relay Control Circuit/Open

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2004 Chrysler town & country in limp mode.

Chrysler Town and Country
Car in limp mode.P0885

Nissan Maxima

I was driving down the road and the accelorater stopped working. Car was still working but couldn't accelorate.

Nissan Maxima
Codes p0882 and p1800 bothe come up. I was driving down the road and the car stopped accelerating. Furthermore the lights in my car started flicking on and off untill the car just died...

Engine check light off

Hyundai Tucson
P0885 - TCM Power Relay Control Circuit/Open what means?

TCM power relay control circuit P0885 #18

Codigo p0885

Kia Amanti
Does your Car Vibrate? yes Shake? Reduced Power? yes

Check engine light on .transmission jumps on reverse.it won't shift

so far only chek engine lahte on

Hyundai Santa Fe

very slow in the first to third gear

Hyundai Elantra
check engine light on

Hyundai Santa Fe
motor 2.2 turbo diesel

Hyundai Santa Fe
tengo problemas de perdida de fuerza

open and short

no shifting

automatic transmission no shifting

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Other Comments

P0320 P0320

P0010 Timing belt sheared teeth off at crankshaft gear. Replaced belt and roadtest veh. It feels like it has a rev limiter set at 3500 rpm. What now?

P0717 car quit running checked with code scanner found code PO717 I now it it a sensor for transmission. I am thinkin timing belt went out would that trigger this code?

P0706 jeep dies while driving. I turn the ignition off and it starts up like nothing happened. repeat

P0443 Mercury Marquis
code po443 on I replace purgin valve check engine light comes on and stay on

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