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TCM Power Input Signal Intermittent

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The P0884 seems to be related to "Power up at Speed" and seems to be related to the Transmission portion of the Powertrain Control Module.


884-POWER UP AT SPEED (CONTINUED) For the Transmission circuit diagram (Refer to 21 - TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/AUTOMATIC - 45RFE/545RFE - SCHEMATICS AND DIAGRAMS) For a complete wiring diagram Refer to Section 8W. When Monitored: When Powertrain Control Module initially powers up. Due to the integration of the Powertrain and Transmission Control Modules, the transmission part of the PCM has its own specific power and ground circuits. Set Condition: This DTC will set if the PCM powers up and senses the vehicle in a valid forward gear, with no PRNDL DTCs, and an output speed above 800 RPM, approximately 32 Kmh (20 MPH) Theory of Operation If a vehicle loses power to the Transmission Control System, the solenoids (LR, 2C, OD, UD, 4C) will go to their respective power off state. Some solenoids are normally vented and some are normally applied in their power off state. The transmission is designed to be in 3rd gear with all of the solenoids in this state. However, if power is restored, the Transmission Control System will power-up and normal operation will be restored. This code identifies that power to the Transmission Control System was restored when the gear selector was in a 9Drive9 position while the vehicle was moving at speeds above 32 Kmh (20 MPH). This DTC does not indicate a problem with the transmission or Transmission Control System, instead, it suggests intermittent problems in the fused ignition switch output, fused B(+), or ground circuits to the TCM. Alternately, if a person performs a rolling restart maneuver, the DTC can be set. Therefore it is critical that this DTC be investigated if the vehicle is experiencing intermittent 3rd gear operation and a subsequent return to normal operation. Diagnostic Test 1. CHECK FOR INTERMITTENT POWER AND GROUND CIRCUITS This DTC is set when the Transmission portion of the Powertrain Control Module is initialized while the vehicle is moving down the road in a valid forward gear. Using the wiring diagram/schematic as a guide, inspect the wiring and connectors. NOTE: Due to the integration of the Powertrain and Transmission Control Modules, the transmission part of the PCM has its own specific power and ground circuits. Check all of the Fused B(+), Fused Ignition Switch Output, and ground circuits to the PCM for an intermittent open or short to ground. With the scan tool, check the EATX DTC EVENT DATA to help identify the conditions in which the DTC was set.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Hwy speed 60 mph

code p0869 line pressure high fault

error code p0234 on Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel 2.0

Jeep Liberty
when hot no o.d;.speedometro works eradic. bad contac at diferential speed sensor.

Clutch actuator

Jeep Liberty
Check engine light came on as I pulled out if the driveway. In addition to this code I am also getting a P 0304 code.

Dodge Caravan
Died out twice while driving. Lost all power and almost hit a truck during the process. Car has been at the dealer for two days and they still can't figure out why the code came up. (2010 Dodge Grand Caravan) Gives code PO884.

Jeep Commander
2009 v-6, vehicle stalls randomly

Check engine light came on, used my engine tester and showed PO884. I did hear a knocking sound when starting the engine.

Volkswagen Passat
p0884 code

Hyundai Santa Fe
codigo de falla p0234

dtc p 0234

ENGINE STALL At highway speeds, after sitting engine will restart and go again pos win module. two codes were present po884 and p0452, drove 20 klms after scan test all ok

Dodge Caravan
two codes po452 and p0884, engine stall at highway speeds, will not restart right away after 20 miniuts will start and run again but will restall after another 10 miniuts of driving

Dont switch gears rite



Chrysler Voyager

P0884 coming on intermittently. No symptoms. 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD.

Volkswagen Passat



Stalled on road speedometer quit worked

Dodge Grand Caravan
Quit on road speedometer quit

Dodge Stratus
falla transmision p0884

Car had water in it up to dash. I am just now trying to diagnose problem. Have let the car dry out for 2 weeks, battery went bad. Had to drain water out of aftercooler lines and dry. Just got car started an hour ago, and engine running ok, but running in limp mode, with codes 884, and 748.

codeP0884 started with the diagnostics computer and has not started at all. I have tried turning the ignition key switch but will not turn on there was a power programmer that was installed into the truck to remove the def but was removed during diagnostics I tried checking fuses and relays and found all is this correct and not burn

my jeep went from driving 55mph to 4mph. the jeep felt like it wanted to shut down and then it took me a while of driving to get it back up to 55 mph the electronic throdle like came on on the dash and back out and hasnt come back on since

Feels like granny slips out and in and stalls


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Other Comments

P0118 Ford Escape
I need help locating the Engine Coolant Temperature Sender and the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. any one? Thanks

P0453 Ford Ranger

P0757 Chevrolet 3500
P0757 code when you shift to reverse idle is rough and engine stops

P0138 cleared codes, then this came up. runs ok but intermittent misfire, not so often, really hestiaites then clears right up

P0108 P0108

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