P0717 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0717 -
Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal

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Engine light, looking for how to fix

Pontiac Grand Prix
No symptoms, just check eng light


Pontiac Grand Prix

Pontiac Grand Prix

Saturn VUE

system to lean (bank 1) p0717

Acura TSX
any one knows what this code means on Acura TSX

Overdrive do not engage

Toyota Sienna

Hyundai Accent
car transmission jumps


Chrysler Sebring

replaced turbine speed sencer


Chevrolet Malibu
2009 2.4 liter LT1

Suzuki Forenza
hizo un fallo que se quedo sin fuerza

have po717 code

Jeep Grand Cherokee
code po717

GMC Acadia

Nissan Xterra
Looses gas idle at 30 to 40 mph.

Kia Rio
will not shift

Mercedes-Benz GL450
transmission doesn't shift into higher gear

prende laluz igolpea lasegunda

Kia Rio

problems shifting 3d gear

Toyota Corona
input turbine speed sensor in


I have an 2008 sienna and have code po717 i replace 2nd gear piston and stiil same thing change input turbin speed sensor no chage anyone have d same problem

Hummer H1

Mercedes-Benz GL450
Transmission does not go any were

Volkswagen Passat
limpimg idle. dies after about 30 sec.

2005 VH Ford Transit Duratorq 2.4 with Durashift Trans. Van has been slipping out of gear and making a grinding sound before dropping usually from 4th-3rd when approaching a give way or just lightly decelerating. I have been scanning all the electronics: break pedal switches, bonnet switches, break light fuse. Cleaning these connections up has made some positive difference to the general gear changing but intermittent grinding issue still exists. I am going to check the ISS sensors tomorrow as research suggests it could be the wiring to/from them.

Ford Van
ASM light has been coming on intermittently for a long time without any noticeable issues. Recently, I have been getting a grinding sound when slowing down. Like it slips out of 5th, grinds (like a manual trying to change gears without using the clutch)then lands in 4th. Also one of the steering wheel UP/DOWN gear change buttons stopped working. I have improved the connection of the wires on the break pedal switches, fixed the button on the steering wheel and checked all the door switches. Have achieved some improvement in general gear changing from these actions however issue still exists intermittently. I am still confident at this stage it is an electrical issue and and next about to check the ISS sensor connectors on the transmission itself for signs of wear or issues. Occasional issues starting the van but this has been resolved since I fixed the break pedal switch wiring. Van runs like a dream aside from this issue.

Toyota Yaris
ilustrar pieza

Toyota Yaris
part view

Chevrolet Caprice/Impala

Toyota Yaris
verificar ubicacion de sensor

Stop and go traffic started to stall the it cleared ,but engine light stayed on

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Stop and go traffic started to stall the it cleared ,but engine light stayed on

car throw p0700 and 717 shift hard from 1st to 2nd traction control turns off

wont shift correctly

Suzuki Reno
code p0717

Chevrolet Caprice
Code : p0717 speed sensor

Toyota Sienna
Code happened after check engine light, Trac Off light and VSC lights came on while driving up the mountain


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Other Comments

P0451 Suzuki Grand Vitara
well I agree that for code #451 in my case it was the gas cap not being on tight. Because after I put gas in the tank, the check engine light went off. But the code reader still reads. po451. I might just need to clear the scanner. not sure as of yet?

P0451 engine light came on. used the actron pocketscan and that was the code answer given

P0708 Sometimes no drive but when we restart the car it drives for a while

P0013 Honda Civic
P0013 after change head gasket came on

P0601 po601code showed up as being bad

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