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Idle Control System

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The Code P0505 is related to the Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve and could indicate an issue with the Idle Air Control, the Motor or the connector or wiring related to the IAC. Look for shorts in the wiring to the IAC and make sure your Powertrain Control Module is in working order as well.

car stop

Mazda MPV
Car Idle Roughly

Check engine light, engine stalled.

Jeep Cherokee

emission related powertrain dtcs,mode 3:p0505

idle control system malfunction p0400

Audi A3

Sea Doo GTI
running great one minute till I shut it down and tried to restart.Wouldnt even turn over but dash indicated engine problem with error code p0505. Found second new battery no good.Third battery starts engine but error code is still there and idle is between 1800 and 2000 rpm.Seriously think that when battery failed it took out the idle control valve.From what Ive been reading on the internet it seems the case.

Dodge Neon
Idles roughly

car vibrates & shakes. Idles roughly, reduced power.

Honda Civic
can i keep driving car without doing damage

p0505 new ecu and tps won't idle

crazy idle fluctuations, no start after iding low while running

Ford E-350 Super Duty
iac code


Ford E-350 Super Duty

Ford E-350 Super Duty
idle rough

p0505 code .replaced idle bypass valve.no change gping to wireing diagram only 69 hrs.


does not idle when cold


Lexus RX 300
Idle runs high


Mazda MPV
codigo 1518

ver figura

Jeep Grand Cherokee
idle rough and stalls

Engine check light 2002 Toyota Seina Dropping gas mileage

Toyota Sienna
Drop in gas mileage


Ford Focus
1.6 16V

P0505 P0108 P1296 2001 Dodge Durango 4.7 four wheel drive air conditioning. Have replaced new plugs have replaced coils have done compression checks on all 8 cylinders everythings above 120 psi. No leaks. I think the computer is failing. I clean those plugs to the computer well the one closest to the front end of the car. Everytime I look at it it looks like its been dipped in oil. It appears to be coming from the computer. Stumped

engine light came on and i checked it code p0505


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Other Comments

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0461 Honda Passport

P0461 my car have code p0461 what part I should change

P0444 BMW 325Ci
service engine soon light came on

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