P0443 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0443 -
Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit

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Mitsubishi Galant

evap valve system

the engine was running roughly.put the light out with code reader,it has stayed off but i wanted to know what fault was

Peugeot 203
Car Idle Roughly? Reduced Power


Mazda 6

will not idle seems out of time



Dodge Stratus
over revs idles rough hits 3 to 4 rpm between gears in an automatic transmission stalls in idle


Chevrolet Aveo
the check lit is on and i checked it by computer so i read p0443 that mean fuel evaporation regeneration valve but the is ok and normal

i check by computer and its give me p0443 that mean fuel evapration regeneration valve for aveo but the car is ok where its located .

Chevrolet Aveo
Check Engine Light Come On so i checked by computer its give me p0443 fuel evaporation regeneration valve and where its located,p0342 camsheft position sensor too small but the car is normal and ok, so what is that mean.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
2000 4.7 jeep grand cherokee. Whenever it gets a bit warm out, running fine then all the sudden cuts off, at lights or while moving. turned the ignition 3 times gave p0443 code only.


Idling poorly, won't rev over 4000rpm in drive once engine is wArm, seems to hit a rev limiter

check engine light came on

My engine sensor fuse blew which caused my fans to not kick in, which in turn is causing my temp to get extremely high. When I checked codes 449 is coming up! I've changed the fuse and deleted code! But need to find root of problem

Chevrolet Optra
My engine sensor fuse blew which caused my fans to not kick in, which in turn is causing my temp to get extremely high. When I checked codes 449 is coming up! I've changed the fuse and deleted code! But need to find root of problem


Cadillac SRX
DTC code PO443 resulted in dealer replacing solenoid of purge circuit. Worked for 2 days and engine light and same code reappeared.

P0443 codes forazda6

Mazda 6
My car get p0443 code

Chrysler Pacifica

Chevrolet Venture
i have po443 code my scanner says the fix is to repair egnition swith

evaporative system purge control valve

Mercury Villager
come in 5 minute dribe

Jeep Grand Cherokee
no run


po443 changed air box

Replaced Canister Purge Selenoid

Peugeot 304

Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
Code p0443

Mercury Monterey
Will not go in reverse and drive goes in and out of gear when at a stop


check engine light on all time engine runs good

Mercury Marquis
code po443 on I replace purgin valve check engine light comes on and stay on

Chevrolet HHR

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Other Comments

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