P0402 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0402 -
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Excessive Detected

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po402,rubs rough,starts hard

Looks to be a problem with the EGR which is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Three basic components of the EGR are the: valve, solenoid, and a differential pressure sensor. You should check the sensor to make sure its working correctly, make sure the EGR isn't clogged and check and make sure you're getting a good vacuum seal.

Toyota Tacoma


p0402 code

95 tacoma code p0300

No run the engine

Nothing yet


the idle is to high and i replace the egr valve

Dodge Dakota
doesn't seem to affect the performance

Hello I have a 2001 Ford Taurus my engine came on and the code number is PO402 can you tell me anything about it please


no power runs for alittle bit and dies.

The Check Engine Light is constantly on and acceleration not smooth.

Check engibe light came on

Mercury Grand Marquis
Check engines light came on

Mercury Grand Marquis
Car starts, runs smoothly, does not overheat. Check egine light comes on

Mercury Grand Marquis
Light comes on when car starts

Ford Explorer
obd2 p0402

check engine light comes on reolaced egr valve

Toyota Tacoma
P0402 EGR Flow Excessive - They say that the EGR modulator and the switching valve needs to be switched, but it will cost way too much. Can anyone help me out?

lack of powe check engine light staying on

Suzuki SX4
po0402 code

Suzuki Grand Vitara
Car idles roughly and little less power.


check eng liht on fail smog check

no simpttoms i replaced the vac control valv

Dodge Sprinter
Low power after warms up. Codes P0402 - P2457 - P0404


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Other Comments

P0400 Saab 9-3
PO400 keeps coming on despite cleaning EGR and the solenoid and removing all carbon. Solenoid works fine as I checked with 12 battery when off the car. No idea what to do next!

P0339 BMW 525i
replaced crank sensor fault still appearing

P0328 won;t crank

P0138 light is on

P0032 Had fault code p0031 at first. So replace the o2 sensor on bank 1 sensor 1 after replacing the sensor fault code p0032 came on

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