P0380 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0380 -
Glow Plug/Heater Circuit 'A'

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The P0380 error is related to the Glow Plug and may indicate that the Glow Plug Controller is stuck and will likely need to be replaced.

Suzuki Grand Vitara
2002 RHZ engine won't start also has P0230

Suzuki Grand Vitara
hola tengo un suzuki grand vitara turbo dieseel cuesta ke encienda en la ma{ana no tiene nada de fuerza tengo ke clucharlo para ke arranke en lo parejo bien pero en las cuestas no tiene nada de fuerza solo a dos mil rpm yega no se ke aser alguen por favor ayudeme

there is this default- in my car P0380 glow plug relay circuit

P0380 check engine everything is runing ok

which relay is it?


wanted to know will cause the car to spader at about 50-55 mph and what causes the est and the abs light to come go



Plate heating thermostat relay

I have change d the pressure sensor and the injectors

Peugeot 203
the model is 206.diff[cult starting and after it start ,proom and goes off.


2006 smart code P0380




Saab 9-3
p0780-06 shifting solinade

Preheater symbol not working

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Other Comments

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0461 Honda Passport

P0461 my car have code p0461 what part I should change

P0444 BMW 325Ci
service engine soon light came on

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