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Ignition Coil 'H' Primary/Secondary Circuit

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Lincoln LS
Where is the piston #8 that this code meens p0358

This Code #P0358 seems to be related to the 8th Coil or Coil related to Cylinder #8. It might need replacing. Of course often times a failure in one coil will cascade across the other coils so the others should be inspected as well and may need replacing. You can test it by removing it and with a light and start it. It should flash. If not, then its probably bad.

P-0358 grand cherokee 2000

Jeep Grand Cherokee
check engine on

changed one with goog one,still same code

Jeep Grand Cherokee
2000 WJ P0783 3-4 Shift Sol No RPM Drop at Lockup No information found on such code.. have been changing detent cable... maybe out of range.

replaced coil

Ford E-250


Ford E-250

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P0487 Chevrolet Malibu
P0487 code

P0935 replaced solenoid assembly and trans relay

P0340 Ford Ranger
Engine light on,truck start,vibrate,mis fire,overdrive light comes on,p0340 show

P0340 i have not try anything yet.

P0622 Dodge Magnum
im getting a code p0622 and cant figure it out batt light on and it runs like shit

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