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Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit (Bank 1 or Single Sensor)

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Audi A6
Quattro 3.0 engine, car runs fine except when idling there is a slight surge where the rpms go from about 750 to 1,000 and then back down to 750, slight shutter sometimes.

Looks like its a problem with the Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit and could be a problem within the sensor itself, the wiring within the unit or in the PowerTrain Control Module (PCM). You should probably replace the Sensor and at least inspect the circuit and make sure everything is good with the PCM.

Sea Doo GTI
When did your Check Engine Light Come On? Does your Car Start? Does your Car Vibrate? Shake? Does your Car Idle Roughly? Reduced Power?

Audi A6
p0366,p0391,p0340,p0345. replaced timing case gaskets, all cam sensors and change wire harness. still have the code.

Suzuki SX4
current camshaft posP0340 matfunc sensor crt matf tien


Toyota Yaris

tried disconecting battery all night letting it set that long

a miss in the engine

Ford Ranger

a miss in the engine

Volkswagen Passat
Code po340

check engine comes on and car switches off cant start untill after it as cooled down,then it starts again

Nissan X-Trail
car goes off when check engine illuminates,starts after it has cooled for about 30minutes

Ford Focus

Geo Tracker

it died..starter sounded weird. sprayed carb clenaer into throttle body..nothing. pulled distr. cap and spun starter. rotor moved around. put cap back. checked for fire tween plug and ground. nothing. checked dtc...codes as follows P0340,P0420 and P0328..need to check the circuit but unsure what to do next...

Nissan Frontier
havent fixed yet.first thought was fuse.then fuel pump, then timing belt..then I got a dtc at autozone and checked the codes...now I reckon its a fuse or sensor in the circuit, or a new distributor is in order...

runs great on road. in traffic at lights starts missing and knocking. replaced both cam sensors. that did not help

Ford F-150
idles rough and knocks at traffic lights

Rough running replaced cam shaft position sensor

I dont know

po 340 shown on diagnostic

check engine on

Audi A6
the car is running and idle poorly

replaced engine in a 2002 Suzuki gran vitara v6. get plenty of fuel but no spark. replaced crankshaft positon sensor. no change finally put scanne and got code p0340 camshaft position sensor. still trouble shooting

Audi A6
I have a code of p0340 the car run rough I replace timing belt and cam sensor


Mini Cooper S
check engine light p0 code 301 cylinder 1 misfire fixed p0 code 340 camshaft position sensor a 1 or single sensor?

hose blow off top raidaitdn motor stop got acode po340

want start

Chrysler Pacifica
wont start

put a senson on wont start

Engine light

Chrysler Pacifica
code 340 wont start no fire

Chrysler Pacifica
want start

Nissan X-Trail

Ford F-250

Ford F-250
runs rough when backing up using deweze beds


Chevrolet Malibu



po341 b1 put in new plugs tested core pack on right side in each spot 3.2l a6 swiched around camshaft sensor did compression test lowest cyclender was 105,110,115 on passegerside.apperrs not to be putting out properly.car runs but drives with mis.

Audi A6
sdence purchased,car runs and idles good it has reduced power when trying to excelarate.

Saab 9-3
check engine lite

Ford Freestar
engine was stalling and running very rough, like someone learing how to drive a stickshift. Reset the code and no problems for now.


Dodge Caravan
donde se encuentra el censor

como a las 9,20 am de la manana y hayer se me apago el carro y hace rato tambien y cuando manejando se me apago y cuando la prendi y galo muy feo y se manejaba deferente

camshaft position sensor A- bank

Toyota Corolla
Code p0340

Kia Sorento
Idles rough, stalls, starts again a fter a few minutes.

Dodge 1500
P0340 Dodge - Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor

Ford Fiesta
my engine light came on and I then put it on the diagnostic and it showed camshaft position sensor P0340, I had the sensor replaced and the car went fine for about 60km then the engine light came back on and the car lost power. I replaced it again and the same problem occurred, strange thing is the car goes well for the first couple of km and then only does it loose power and battle to start and then egine light appears again. I have also checked the timing, and wiring wich seems to be fine, there is also no dirt or sludge causing the sensor to not read properly, don't know what the problem can be, can anyone help

audi code p0014


Chrysler PT Cruiser

Ford Freestar

after the van is warmed up it shuts off and then after it is cooled down it will start back up

car will not start

p0335 code, new crank sensor didnt fix


Dodge Neon
reduced power I need to know how I replece the sensor bank 1?

i have not try anything yet.

Ford Ranger
Engine light on,truck start,vibrate,mis fire,overdrive light comes on,p0340 show

Experienced sudden brief loss of power ("cutting out"), usually when accelerating or driving over 60mph. Dodge Neon 2004 51,460 miles. Haven't tried to repair. Wondering if such a low mileage engine could be having timing belt problems simply due to its age. Or, do I simply replace the camshaft position sensor.

Dodge Neon
Experienced sudden brief losses of power ("cutting out"), usually when accelerating or driving over 60mph. Dodge Neon 2004 51,460 miles. Fixed another problem by replacing gas filler cap. This problem seemed to disappear, but reappeared, the last time at lower speeds, ca. 30mph. Starts and idles fine, no vibration, clattering or knocking. Haven't tried to repair. Wondering if such a low mileage engine could be having timing belt problems simply due to its age and my tendency to accelerate hard/drive 90+mph (so not driving). Or, do I simply replace the camshaft position sensor?


P0340 CASE CX240b

truck idle ruff .


Shows po340 I already change the sensor n still wit the problem

dirt on camshaft cencor

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When did your Check Engine Light Come On?
Does your Car Start?
Does your Car Vibrate? Shake?
Does your Car Idle Roughly? Reduced Power?

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