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Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected

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Mercury Monterey



Saab 9-3X

new multi port injection spider, plugs cap rotr plugs wires distributer , seafoam, oil treatment , new intake gasket.

Chevrolet Tahoe
runs fantastic . replaced spider new multi port injection. replaced gaskets .replaced all o2 sensors . new distributor . plugs wires and cap , resurfaced valve seats

misfire #6


Kia Sorento
vibrates a little. Did diagnostic and code was P 0306

Saturn LS2


runs good-light just stays

cylinder 6 misfire, replaced plugs and fuel injector.

Cadillac ElDorado

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Other Comments

P0719 GMC 1500
no apparent symptoms

P0139 I'm getting a cluster of codes intermittently:P0139, P0303, P0715. Occasionally getting codes P0404 and U2B00. Fixed a break in the muffler,replaced ignition wires,put oil in engine. Check engine light goes off and on intermittently. Usually with the forest three codes.

P0077 Hyundai Tucson
oil control valve assembly 24355-23800?

P0708 Lincoln LS
All the above is affecting my vehicle

P0337 well not start, put on a new starter it started then well not start amore

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