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Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected

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Pontiac Grand Am
vehicle has a misfire.Customer said he replaced the coil pack,wires,and plugs and it still has a misfire. I replace the fuel filter.

Mazda Mazda3

Mazda Mazda3


Full tuneup - replace all parts, wire, coils, spark plugs ect

code 0302

Honda Civic
code P0302

My ford windstar holds back wen I exhilarating then all of a suden it shots its self fowerd

Ford Windstar
My ford windstar holds back wen I exhilarating then all of a suden it shots its self fowerd

Ford F-150
Ihave a ford f 150 engine size 4.2 code po 302 constante I replace intake gasket injector good pcm signal good cyl.compresion no water loss no over heating new spark plug wires coil pack and code still here pls. some one profecional can help...

Chrysler 300
my car is idling rough and vibrate when I come to stop, we have changed the spark plus 2x and replace the same #2 coil pack and long with the fuel injector, at first I thought it was my pcm but someone told me that if the pcm didn't work my car would crank up plz help me

I have replaced all 6 of my spark plugs 2x and the #2 coil pak 2x and I replaced the fuel injector. my car still running rough and idling rough. I thought it could be my pcm but someone told me that if my pcm was messed up my car wouldn't run at all plz help

Ford F-150
Runs rough and hesitates under load or up hills.

Ford Taurus
somtimes while driving it will cut in and out for power

0302 cams in backward lobes to center tdc

0302 cams in backward lobes to center tdc

2.0 kia 0302 also indicates cams in backward (hard start runs rough at low rpm)cam lobes belong twoard center facing each other at no.1 tdc

Chevrolet Cavalier
Replaced Plugs, Coil Pack, Fuel Filter, swapped injectors, air filter. Still misses on #2 sluggish and rough at idle.

low accelerating power, shaking car

Ford Taurus
how to fix p0302

Dodge Grand Caravan

Occasional stuttering/ fluttering at start up, then goes away. Replaced spark plugs,wires. Moved coil pack around, miss fire remains on 2. New injector,both o2 sensors,catylitic converter. Checked for vacume leaks, none. Ltft was at 0.0 when I checked ff data.

I have a po302 code and have changed all the plugs and wires and 1 coil pack what else can it be

Mercury Mountaineer
I have a po302 coil and have changed the plugs and wires and coil pack what else the lights still on

Cylinder misfire was caused by coolant seepage into the combustion chamber by the way of the headgasket. performed leakdown test and confirmed had buble come out through the radiator

Land Rover Range Rover
p0302 what's cod?

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Other Comments

P0721 17105

P0402 Dodge Sprinter
Low power after warms up. Codes P0402 - P2457 - P0404

P0325 no apresenta falha so acende a luz de injeo

P0343 2001 tiburon with p0343 can shaft high signal code. Replaced sensor and still has check engine light. Diconnected battery and error comes back. Engine runs smooth so error is erroneous.

P0500 Fiat Punto

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