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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance

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Looks to be a problem with the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit. The most often cause is simple enough: you're possibly out of gas! Other possible fixes include replacing the Fuel Filter or the Fuel Sensor circuit itself.

no symptom, light is on and code check indicate p0191 and 01o2

Ford Taurus
car starts ok no vibration or rough idleing and power is good

saleen will crank and idle for 15-20 seconds , then fuel pressure drops and engine stalls


Running rich, after firing, stalling, rpms dropping

P0455 as well


Toyota Avensis
p0191 avensis 2.0 2005 fuel rail pressure sensor a circuit range performance dont know what it is where to start looking?

car starts runs until u drive it it dies and will not start engine light comes on and stays on, has been sitting all winter, in garage

no symptoms

Ford Taurus
runs fine

Toyota Avensis
P0191 Fuel Rail Pressure sensor. Engine Check light is on and car not accelerating and not responding to and rev.

Land Rover Range Rover
How do you fix code P0964 Pressure Control Solenoid "B" Control Circuit/Open 2006 Range Rover HSE?

volvo 01 2.9 p1330 engine code motor idles perfect hit the gas no power car only goes 10 mph changed timing selonid timing hub all coils

Volvo S80
p1330 engine code motor idles perfect give it gas no power car goes only 10 mph changed vvt solnoid cam timing hub all coils still have no power all timing marks line up perfect

rough idling,black smoke,loss of power


Toyota Avensis


fuel rail pressure sensor circuit range/performance-ford explorer 2005

Toyota Avensis
Hi , I have a 2003 Toyota Avensis 1AZ-FE motor. The issue I am having is that the check engine light comes on and the engine will not rev. I have connected a scan tool. there was one code present and that was for low fuel pressure circuit. After a few more checks found that the high pressure pump was loosing its power supply. What could cause this ?


no real symptoms other than the check engine light. 160000 miles


I have not tried to fix my truck just got it . still got same code after sensor (frp) was replaced by people I got truck from. Not sure whats wrong. 2006 ford f350

citroen relay 2005 engine code is p0191

Suzuki Swift
P1722 what doe this mean?



Toyota Mark II
2002 toyota Mark II engine loses power and then runs in safe mode after a few minutes of acceleration on highway. Check engine light then appear on dashboard until the car is switched off.

Fails to start right away, must prime fuel system before cranking


Toyota Crown
p0191 fault codes

P0191 P1111 No attempts to fix yet (next step - open the fuel filler cap)

Check engine light still on after we replaced fuel pump

the the gas pedal goes all the way to the floor an the the engine does not respon

It is a toyota rav4 with 1az fse engine, it will rave properly for two to three minutes, it will then light on the mil light and cut off acceleration to 2000rpm, if diagnosed, the dtc will be p0191, we checked the wiring harness continuity for the three wires from the rail presure switch but all seems to be ok, changed rail pressure swtch but still the same problem, checked the fuel pressure it was 0.16 which seems to be very low, now will someone please help and tell me what this could be thanks in advance Sobiva Vincent

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Other Comments

P0113 Egr moduale

P0137 Chevrolet 2500
Truck is a 4WD, V8 7.4L 454 CID Gas. I had a tune up done and there was a computer error code P0137. Tech said it was an Bank 1 Sensor 2 Oxygen sensor failure but the "Check Engine" light has never come on. The truck is a 1997 and has only 113,00 miles on it. Should I replace that sensor, and if so, where is it located? Before the tune up the truck was running and idling very rough and would shake. Gas mileage was really bad.

P0403 Po404 de ford

P0141 P0141

P0325 Nissan Maxima
Sometimes when the car slows to a stop, the car dies. Idle set at 900 rpm. Car starts back right away.

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