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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit

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opel p0190

The Engine Code P0190 appears to be related to a Fuel Pressure that's either too high or too low, could be a problem when you have no or too little gas in the tank (easy enough fix) or could be related to the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and might need replacing.

P0190 fuel rail pressure sensor a circuit

Ford Focus
P0190 fuel rail pressure sensor a circuit


Suzuki Grand Vitara
code p0456 como resolverlo ?

Replaced the cam shaft sensor and now the p0480 code comes up car lugs on acceration.





Opel Astra
P 0190

Late starting

car cut out & wont start for about 5 minutes then its ok for another day or 2

i need to fix my car because she doesn't go faster



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Other Comments

P0935 Chrysler Town and Country
code po935 went the car was driving it will shift hard disconect the trans plug pin number one is the line pressure sensor ground was bend not make a good contact i was no able to quick learn the car after fix the pin problem solve thank djp

P0783 0783


P0607 2007 Jeep Cherokee - recent issues with car not accelerating. Took to mechanic in Sept and they did 'throttle body, upper intake maintenance' ; engine light was NOT on at this time. Last week started acceleration hesitation again and got worse and engine light came on. Took it back to mechanic and he recommended taking to dealer or transmission shop based on codes read by computer (mentioned Elec Shift Module and Transmission and another code that had to do with communication loss). Car has been at dealer for almost a week and they can't get it to 'don anything' even though the code they read is a 'stored code' which means there was a problem before but not now. Here is the more frustrating part, we had it at the same dealer exactly 4 years ago (about 51,000 miles on it) and they replaced the Electronic Shift Module then. 1. Why would this go bad again, 4 years later (car now has 91,000 miles on it) 2. Dealer said we they can clear the code and we can pick it up or they can keep trying to get it to 'act up'. I am scared to drive it, especially now with the engine light on, as I know it will happen again.

P0404 code p0175 and p0172 and p0404 also just replaced map sensor and clean air intake and also steam come from heating vent and overheating when idling and cold back down while driving

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