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System too Lean (Bank 2)

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system too lean

GMC Yukon
code p0174

car is shaking at idle. Code came on..

hard start, replaced pickup sensor

Exhaust stinks, minor loss of power. Replaced O2 sensors pre and post cat, air filter, CCV, oil change, vacuum lines, intake hoses, fuel pumps in tanks, fuel filter and regulator, spark plugs

BMW 325xi
P0174 and P0172 codes still coming on. Do have sticky calipers I believe are giving me bad gas mileage that I'll be changing. Not sure if the sticky brakes could be causing the codes from holding the engine back.

System Too Lean(Bank 2)

P0171 P0174

Ford Explorer Sport
P0171 P0174

BMW 535xi
Is this Pre cat of post if it is an O2 sensor?

My car is given me a lot of problem, when i took it to my mech. he diag. it and it show that the fault code is p0171 and p0174 fuel lean bank 2. What can i do to sove it.....

Volkswagen Touareg
i have 2006 model but in every 15 to 20 secon when am moveing, the car engine will soddenly stop, i keep on starting it again and again thesame problem occour, so i took it to my mech. and he diag. it the fault code was p0171 and p0174. pls what can i do to sove it....

Just starting to fix it. Check engine light on all the time. Occasional shifting irregular. Engine seems to lag on acceleration occasionally.

Saturn LS2

Ford Taurus
Car just had convertoer replaced and coil pac.Also had a crack in the intake which was sealed. Car is a little rough at idle.

Ford F-250
Po174 and i made the tune up

Poor gas mileage rough idle



Ford F-150


o2 sensor

Nissan Sentra


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Other Comments

P0277 Saturn LS2
2000 V-6

P0306 Saturn LS2

P0135 the check ingen is activated and i need to fix it

P0266 Jeep Liberty
I have a 2002 jeep liberty I will not crank it acts like it wants to comes up with code po266

P0266 I have tried everything I can think of

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