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System too Rich (Bank 1)

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the engine starts but it shakes too much, it does the same when is running and it feels weak, no power and a lot of fume come out from the muffler.

Nissan X-Trail

Chevrolet Optra
codigo p0172

checking all wires and plugs changed speed sensors

running rich on cold startup, ok warm

took 60+ mile drive in hilly & twisty terrain on a 70+ degree spring day. 2005 kia rio, oil change 7 days ago & air filter changed dec '12. looking up what's most important to try 1st to avoid wasting $ assuming it's either cheapest or most expensive fix.

Ford E-150

Toyota Yaris
Engine Light on, car start yes, car shake yes, idle roughly yes

Volkswagen Beetle
Engine light came had code check said PO172 map sensor had been clean seem to run okay

Just had code checked map sensor was clean a week ago same code back again

Volkswagen Beetle
Code PO172 had map sensor clean back on again in a week engine seem to be running okay


Chevrolet Trailblazer
does start, no vibrate, not rough, reduced power

it appear the code and i can not clear that.. and it is working good but the code doestn clear

Kia Rio
the car works good but the check engine light is on. i tried to clear but it doesnt clear..

p0 300 po 172

po172 po300


Chevrolet Impala
P0172 is indicative of Bank 1 running too rich (receiving too much fuel) on V-type engines or high performance inline engines. It causes the check engine light to illuminate, but beyond that, the car runs and drives as it should, often times with no noticeable difference in performance. Possible causes could be, but are not limited to, dirty or faulted Mass Air Flow sensor, dirty injectors, clogged PCV valve or hose, or damaged vacuum line.

when i start the truck it idles roughly then check engine light comes up giving me a PO170 bank 1 to rich.

Dodge Dakota
what should the injectors read

Lincoln LS
rough idle while stopped rotten egg smell loss of power rpm wont go over 2000

rough idle while stopped rotten egg smell loss of power rpm wont go over 2000

Toyota Rav4

Pro 172

Chrysler PT Cruiser
i have my car engine too much shake

what make it run rich

Pontiac Montana
what makes it run rich

Hyundai Elantra
All the above occurred on my car Please advise Hyundai elentra 2008

Mercedes-Benz ML350
Check the MAF sensor signal!

code po172, miss fires on 2, 4, cylinders

car back fires

No trying to get some answers on how to correct the issue

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Other Comments

P0327 new knock sensors and new harness all from dealer code still there new engine with different sensors and harness code still there

P0544 Dodge Sprinter
no other symptoms. Just check engine lights and my scanguage gave me the code

P0544 no symptoms

P0174 o2

P0174 Nissan Sentra

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