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O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

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The P0151 Error is related to the Oxygen Sensor when it reports a low voltage condition for longer than 2 minutes. Its generally either a failure in the sensor itself, the wiring or the wiring harness.

Kia Sedona
codes p0301 p0131 p0151 and p1159 which no one seems to know what it is car stalls at idle

Suzuki Verona
car has a mis when running


Isuzu Rodeo
engine lights on code po151 car run fine but always have the check engine lights on,some time came 174,1153 or 300 but hose go away never stay

Kia Sorento

Kia Sportage
all seems ok I replace the 02 on bank 1be for cat now po551 is on

how do you check for short or an open circuit


Nissan Pathfinder
On my 1998 Infinity QX4 I was getting randomly both of P0131 & P0151 This was caused by bad grounding between the intake manifold & the main ground cable. Installing a thick jumper wire (#10 0r #8) between the intake manifold & the Cylinder head or Main Battery ground cable fixed the problem

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Other Comments

P0340 changed camshaft position sensor but the car still has a misfire and still has the same code read out po340

P0332 Throwing this code

P0353 started with code p 0353 changed coils around and put new spark plugs in reset codes and got code 0353 and 0351 thought it might be fuel injectors so changed #1 and #3 put back together and now have codes 0353 0352 and 0351

P0121 Po121gmc

P0155 p0155 o2 sensor replacement

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