P0135 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0135 -
O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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Toyota Camry

Dodge Ram Pickup
Engine light on one day ran diagnostics test on it PO135 / 025 Heater ckt 1 of 1 came up on it. Truck wants to quit or idles rough


Peugeot 206 1.6 petrol. Fault code P0135, O2 Sensor heater circuit. Tried changing the sensor, code remains, engine fault lamp lights when start, engine cold. No trouble starting or driving, doesn“t feel different in power, conclusion in this case after measuring ECU was that the Engine Harness was faulty. Cheers

Toyota Sienna
#P0135 will this part fit to my car...........

p 0135

Chevrolet Venture
2 days ago so far no difference in driving plan to buy a new sensor and change it

Changed 02 sensor 1,1 and no code but waiting for the 02 heater circuit to become complete. I'm assuming it may take a few cycles of cold engine to running temperature to become complete.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Engine light on and it was code p0135. 02 sensor heater circuit . This code has to do with atleast on my jeep 02s 1,1. This plugs in ontop of the motor at the left front bu the power steering pump. Hat to access the sensor from underneath. &/8 end wrench and it was out and changed. Just driving it and waiting for the heater circuit to become complete.

Stuck in 3rd gear.

check engine light is on and the code reading is p0796

Toyota Sienna
check engine light is on and the reading is p0796

Jeep Grand Cherokee
code error p0141 p0135

Suzuki Jimny

Check engine light on for over 1 year but engine/car run fine MPG not affected.

Suzuki Grand Vitara


Hyundai Santa Fe

Ford Ranger
runs rought

b³±d p0135

Nissan Quest

po135 b1s1

Volkswagen Golf
po135 b1s1

I ran straight engine just working on it and I didn't have the oxygen sensor plugged in at all. the headers were not even on and I was runnin straight engine. and ever since its been p0135 check engine code. how long does it normally take to recalibrate or fix the computer after being plugged back in?

Honda Accord
my car starts. yes it has a very rough idle. shakes my windows when im just sitting there with the engine running. and yes it has reduced power. and my light came on about a week ago. bt I recently unplugged the O2 sensor and plugged it back in. its a 2001 Honda Accord Ex 4 door 2.3L vtec engine.

Suzuki Jimny

Infiniti I30
heater fuse


Rough idle sometimes at a stop, in drive, with foot on brake

Pontiac Montana
Nothin but problem vehicle

Mitsubishi Cordia

Honda Civic
Came on yesterday. Car does vibrate and shake

2003 Toyota Sienna Van stalled when coming to a stop. Motor was cool, only drove a few hundred yards. Did not want to idle when cranked again. Finally ran long enough to get back home. DTC PO135 present.

Toyota Sienna
Check engine light came on shortly after pulling out of drive. Engine stalled and did not want to idle when restarted.

2003 Toyota Sienna Van stalled when coming to a stop. Motor was cool, only drove a few hundred yards. Did not want to idle when cranked again. Finally ran long enough to get back home. DTC PO135 present.

Toyota Sienna
2003 Toyota Sienna Van stalled when coming to a stop. Motor was cool, only drove a few hundred yards. Did not want to idle when cranked again. Finally ran long enough to get back home. DTC PO135 present.

Hyundai Santa Fe
po135 po141 has no power


Ob2 sensor y catalyst converter

check engine light code p0135

Mercedes-Benz ML320
check engine light comes and go

mode $05 $10 sensor periods ???

engine light stays on Replace new oxygen sensor after about 6 months problem came back

PO125. Change sensor, light still coming on ?

All four Oxygen sensors showed failure at the same time. I am looking for the source of failure since the probability of all four failing at the same time is very low. The fuse is good, I have checked the relays and they are good. Do you know what other source could be that will effect all sensors at the same time?

Jaguar XJ8L
I had just fixed an airflow and VVT problem and the error codes no longer appeared. I took the car for smog test and I found all four sensor codes appeared. Nothing else showed up.

Ford Ranger
code 0135 and 1131

Toyota Camry
emission test fail with code PO135 O2 sensor heater circuit (bank 1 sensor 1)

Dodge Caravan
sensor #1

I'd have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

wont go over 45 mph

Black smoke

Hey, Admin, I am starting my own blog, I was wondering which blog platform you are using? Sorry for the noob question and thanks for you help in advance. I enjoyed your site by the way.

check eng light on

Chevrolet Malibu
location ???

code po141 lossof speed

2004 kia Sedona code po141 with loss of speed

the ngine light is on and my honda accord 2007 has become less fuel efficient

Mercedes-Benz C280

po135 oxygen sensor heater circuit

Replaced o2 sensor and pcm

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P0488 car idels rough and loss of power

P0320 P0320

P0010 Timing belt sheared teeth off at crankshaft gear. Replaced belt and roadtest veh. It feels like it has a rev limiter set at 3500 rpm. What now?

P0717 car quit running checked with code scanner found code PO717 I now it it a sensor for transmission. I am thinkin timing belt went out would that trigger this code?

P0706 jeep dies while driving. I turn the ignition off and it starts up like nothing happened. repeat

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