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Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input

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Buick LeSabre
Service Engine Light On... Changed MAF Sensor, no change. Only acts up when first start after been cold.

The P0102 code indicates a problem with the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) and could mean that the unit has failed or is not connected correctly. Its possible that leaks can occur and should be inspected as well.

Ford Taurus
start ok no vibration idle normal good power just gased up

po102 mass or volume air flow circit low input but when key is off no codes

New MAF, New PCM, checked wires connection with an ohms test. The car with crank but wont start unless you hold the gas pedal down. Even then it wont idle

Mazda Mazdaspeed Protege
just trying to get the car running

Chevrolet Astro Van
runing rouhgt

starting and shout off in 15 20 secc

Audi A4
not find escape air in

Audi A4
not find escape air in

Audi A4
not finding air escape

Suzuki Grand Vitara
shakes and idel roughly and idelup and down

Nissan Altima
2002 altima code po 102 runs 2 to 4 seconds and dies

hard shift

I have not done anything as of yet, the check engine light just came and all I have done so far is hook up my code reader to see what came up, codes 102,107 and 340 was what I got for faults

Mitsubishi Galant
4 cylinder with 200, 380 miles I had the timing belt and a major tune up done 2 weeks ago and the car ran great.

Mitsubishi Galant
the car starts up ok but it surges, the will run run good once I press the gas pedal

need to check wiring

Volvo S60
silanbloc hs

Buick LeSabre
I have code p0102 but car runs fine how do I check to see if sensor is bad


After driving for 20 min the light comes on and stays on.

Have a 2002 Mitsubishi galant ls/ 3.0 engine. I ran diagnostic check and code po102 appeared. I ran live data and noticed it showed fuel system 1&2 ol fault. Stft and ltft stayed at 0%,plus no voltage from mass airflow sensor. Cleaned sensor and checked filter, still no go

2004 ford ranger code P0102 still keeps setting code replaced maf sensor

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Other Comments

P0057 I didn't do nothing yet that's why I'm here to ask questions an you show me the complete diagram

P0171 Check engine light on

P0960 where are they


P0725 Dodge Caravan
light came on while backing out of my driveway van would not shift gears I pulled over shut off for 5 seconds started it up drove on it was fine for about 3 miles then kicked back into second pulled over and tried shutting it off but didn't work still stuck in limp mode....Terry

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