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Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit

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car dont stay on

replace new air flow sensor still not fix,check harness all o.k.

Chrysler Town and Country
no start p0100

Nissan 200SX

P0100 MAF

Nissan Pickup

Mercedes-Benz C230

0 runs ok for about 30 to50 miles dies then starts back up



Vw passt p0100

After driving a few blocks ill try to give it gas and car just stops but is still on and I have to turn car off wait a few seconds and turn back on to move again until it happens. Again



car lost power,and obd reader giving me two codes p2294 and p0100 replace high pressure regulator and high pressure pump still have same problem

Lexus ES 300



Mercedes-Benz S500
p0100 code engine light on ruff

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Other Comments

P0105 ninguno

P0508 picture sensor po508

P0400 Saab 9-3
PO400 keeps coming on despite cleaning EGR and the solenoid and removing all carbon. Solenoid works fine as I checked with 12 battery when off the car. No idea what to do next!

P0339 BMW 525i
replaced crank sensor fault still appearing

P0328 won;t crank

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