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HO2S Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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The Code P0031 appears to be related to the Oxygen Sensor that is in FRONT of the Catalytic Converter and that it is reporting a voltage that is lower than expected. Generally this means that either the Oxygen Sensor itself is bad, the wiring is bad/damaged/frayed/etc or that there is a disconnection or broken connection to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). You should also check your PCM and make sure its operational and all wiring is good as well.

Mazda Mazda3

Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta

Received this code , also have had loud exhaust due to blown baffes in muffler , wondering if the muffler might actually be causing the code as the code indicates O2 sensor problem 06 Yaris 90K

Chrysler PT Cruiser
has codes p0031, p0037

Mazda Mazda3



Mini Cooper
the car will not start

replaced both pre o2 sensors

Kia Sedona
p0051 after 2 mins driving

Toyota 4Runner
HO2S, reappears after erase

2 other codes set @ same time P0204 and P0304

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Just engine light on dash

90030 i have no symptoms the light is currently off on my dashboard as i have cleared it with an obdii. if it illuminates will i need a new o2 sensor or is it a fuse

Ford Ranchero
my car does not have any of the above symptoms what so ever. it seems to run fine which is why i am confused

Check engen light is on

Jeep Liberty
Code 0138

Jeep Liberty
Code 0138 Check engen light on

running very rich, misfiring, and shutting off between start and stops...

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8
upon starting engine yes yes yes yes yes

Unavailable code


Toyota Yaris
Replaced A/F ratio sensor for 2008 Yaris as diagnosed by OBD II but code still persists. Harness and connector checked and are fine. Engine runs fine without any irregularity. Toyota dealer suggested ECU change but the suggestion was not convincing. What could have caused this beside the A/F ratio sensor ?

no fuel getting to engine

Volkswagen Golf
change cam and crank sensor still wont start

Señal muy alta de sensor de oxigeno

Where is the location of this sensor

engine re-appears after it's erased

The sensor is on

Dodge 1500
When the truck starts the temperature goes all the way up

Golf 2004I already change the sensorand keep saying the same problemoxygen sensor.I have the check engine

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Other Comments

P0705 Toyota Tacoma
code 0705 came unable to start vehicle dealer say its harness a $3000 and i have remote starter

P0891 ck engie po700uo155

P0337 Kia Sorento
would not start left overnight next morning started check engine light came on code po337 and code 154 came up

P0337 would not start

P0405 ´p0405 isuzu npr posibles causas

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