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OBD Codes - That's On-Board Diagnostics for short.

This is your automobile's way of communicating what's wrong.
It could be something as serious as a critical engine failure or something
as minor as a loose gas cap.

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P0705 Gear box failled drives perfact

P0833 Chevrolet Cobalt
P0833 Clutch Pedal Switch


P0171 po171

P0660 engine light came on. Code co-occures with P0031.

P0440 GMC Sonoma

P0277 Saturn LS2
2000 V-6

P0306 Saturn LS2

P0135 the check ingen is activated and i need to fix it

P0266 Jeep Liberty
I have a 2002 jeep liberty I will not crank it acts like it wants to comes up with code po266

P0266 I have tried everything I can think of

P0720 po720

P0420 Nissan Altima
code p0446

P0935 Trans want shift into 5 or 6 and shows p0935 code

P0523 P1505

P0885 P0885 a/t

P0012 codigo p0012 hyundai

P0882 Chrysler Town and Country
How to fix a P0882 code

P0882 P0888

P0500 abs fault speedo fault power steering fault

P0935 nothing

P0340 dirt on camshaft cencor

P0480 Suzuki Verona
CODE p0480

P0441 smog check, service sun ligth

P0768 Chrysler Sebring
reader says solenoid shift d so i spent 166 dollars on this part and it did absoulty nothing but since it was put on and taken straight back off i cannot get a refund

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