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OBD Codes - That's On-Board Diagnostics for short.

This is your automobile's way of communicating what's wrong.
It could be something as serious as a critical engine failure or something
as minor as a loose gas cap.

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P0660 p0660

P0404 Chevrolet S-10
engine check light p0404 code

P0038 Chrysler PT Cruiser
light on

P0071 Air tempetures sensor performance

P0560 Unhook the battery cable for one minute an put back an now my 2014 toyota camry the check engine light is on

P0135 2004 accord replaced o2 sensor still get po135

P0848 Honda Pilot / Transmission shifts properly the only concern is the D starts flashing at random / but it will still shift and operate properly.

P0650 Chevrolet Impala
didn't pass emission test

P0607 p0607

P0963 P0963

P0455 nisan ques code i have proglen emision

P0796 checkoiltran

P0796 overdrive light is flashing

P0796 checkeingenlightonfuse

P0400 Nissan frontier

P0400 P0400

P0454 Kia Sorento
Light came on when battery replaced. Mechanic reset light. Has not reoccurred for 45 miles. Will schedule car to dealer or other mechanic.

P0522 Dodge Dakota
at the dealership now

P0793 Mercedes-Benz B200

P0234 Still looking

P0252 PO252

P0278 Jeep Grand Cherokee
3.0 CRD

P0650 Engine

P0705 replaced switch

P0523 P0523

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