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OBD Codes - That's On-Board Diagnostics for short.

This is your automobile's way of communicating what's wrong.
It could be something as serious as a critical engine failure or something
as minor as a loose gas cap.

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P0106 Chevrolet Trailblazer
rough idle,and vibrate

P0660 Volkswagen Passat
Our problem is in on engine , which show us P0660 while we entry that computer diagnoustic ,

P0717 P0605

P0792 2 other codes- po731, po734

P0792 nothing

P0963 gm p0963

P0894 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Shifting hard 1st to 2nd

P0133 Jeep Grand Cherokee
5.2 jeep

P0133 Cot slow response bank 1

P0757 Transmission problem

P0022 Toyota Sienna
just bought my 05 sienna from a private owner, oil light always flickered on and off. winding noise in the mornings or after starting after long period of time, at 125k driving home car began a knocking noise, oil leaking, shaking and power loss. Got a p0022 code.

P0882 Mazda Mazda3
Se prendió el check de motor y fallo el sistema de tracción y estabilidad me indican por batería defectuosa

P0882 Mazda3 2015 Check engine light , battery empty por low

P0891 trans in limp mode with this code plus p1698 no bus

P0810 P0810

P0513 My 2005 LR3 will not crank.

P0792 Transmission shifts as if the car has no power to go and shifts hard at times.

P0572 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Engine light on and code read P0572

P0770 Toyota Corolla

P0544 Dodge Sprinter
Get a Green Diesel Engineering (GDE) tune

P0481 I have replaced relays, fuses, temperature sensor near the thermostat. Code Po481 still come back although both fans are running but do not seem to be trurning very fast

P0960 trans light came on the engine runs rough

P0960 Chevrolet C7500
trans light on engine runs rough

P0141 p0141-02 sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2

P0172 none just the mil light on

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