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OBD Codes - That's On-Board Diagnostics for short.

This is your automobile's way of communicating what's wrong.
It could be something as serious as a critical engine failure or something
as minor as a loose gas cap.

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P0141 Cadillac SLS
what should it cost

P0562 Battery tested good - 714 CCA (rated 650). I need to jumpstart on occasion and my check engine light is on. Code PO562 System Voltage Low is what the test showed, not sure what could cause this reading since the battery is obviously good.

P0192 p0192

P0020 toyota corola 2005

P0777 wave plate and tcm replaced

P0324 error code 324

P0492 BMW 325i

P0140 Had error message P0140, P0141, P0154 and P0155. Replaced both O2 sensors within two days error message returned.

P0660 Po622

P0751 no 4th gear


P0191 It is a toyota rav4 with 1az fse engine, it will rave properly for two to three minutes, it will then light on the mil light and cut off acceleration to 2000rpm, if diagnosed, the dtc will be p0191, we checked the wiring harness continuity for the three wires from the rail presure switch but all seems to be ok, changed rail pressure swtch but still the same problem, checked the fuel pressure it was 0.16 which seems to be very low, now will someone please help and tell me what this could be thanks in advance Sobiva Vincent

P0700 when shift harts

P0502 P0502

P0513 no star engine po531

P0513 Mitsubishi Eclipse
code po513

P0864 Hesitate on take off and I replaced the plugs and a out to replace the fuel filter and fuel regular but I have the code p0864 is that my problem

P0773 P0773 2002 Toyota Corolla LE, 148K miles. Fix: replace lock up solenoid. Cost:$520. Details. Check engine light. Code P0773. No symptoms. Reset code. Came back. Disappeared for a week. Came back. One day the car shuddered severely when stopping. Diagnosis: solenoid either wouldn't engage or wouldn't reset. IMHO must have a high failure rate since Toyota dealers stock this obscure transmission part. Solenoid assembly cost $260 plus labor. Car repaired and works fine now.

P0751 Oldsmobile Intrigue

P0172 car back fires

P0705 d5 flashing light

P0847 Peterbilt 330
also has P0757 code

P0847 trans shifts from neutral to reverse and neutral to second only

P0070 Dodge 2500
runs good- they took it off the rack and the engine light went on. they had it on the rack due to the brake light being on. they said it was a spring in the emergency brake.

P0132 when engine warms up the light does not come on

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