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OBD Codes - That's On-Board Diagnostics for short.

This is your automobile's way of communicating what's wrong.
It could be something as serious as a critical engine failure or something
as minor as a loose gas cap.

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P0326 Hyundai

P0326 Hyundai Elantra
engine vibrates strongly

P0073 Jeep Patriot
ambient air temperature sensor circuit high input am looking for locasion

P0209 Nissan Altima

P0013 Checked electrical connections

P0154 service engine Light

P0741 Transmission is slow

P0714 Chrysler PT Cruiser
PT cruiser code P0714

P0501 Hyundai Elantra
Has electronic speedo.. No cable

P0501 All checks out.. Runs and drives ok.. Just has lite on with 501code.. Replaced speed in trans.. Speedo works fine

P0501 2005 elantra. Po501. This car does not have abs. Auto trans

P0312 Mercedes-Benz 600SL
Code #P0312 - Cylinder 12 Misfire Detected? what to do first?

P0312 car is sluggish

P0133 Honda Passport
I have code p0133 p1340 I need your help

P0133 p0133 Honda passport 2000

P0133 p0133

P0932 Jeep Grand Cherokee
rough shift 2-3

P0170 It just says fuel term back 1. I have bun the lamber seners but the engine management system lite has came back on a gen

P0488 Not full accelerator code po488 hino dutro

P0441 no symptoms just check engine light on.

P0607 car suddenly loses power badly.

P0942 check engine light, check transmission light, awd malfunction light all three are on with a loud noise coming from cvt

P0520 No symptoms, the check engine light came on and this code came up on the scanner.

P0741 Chevrolet Impala
Error code 700 741

P0767 2007 odyssey EXL 59750 Miles check engine light on green D light blinking code P0760.. Honda changed shifts solenoid part number # 28500-RJB-004 on 08/25/14 .three weeks later check engine light is back on Green Drive light blinking on and off intermittently. Van is running good poor gas mileage

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